Nicknames of Haydn Symphonies

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Can you name the Nicknames of all the Haydn Symphonies?

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Symphony number and keyNickname
No.6 in D
No.7 in C
No.8 in G
No.22 in Eb
No.26 in d
No.30 in C
No.31 in D
No.38 in C
No.43 in Eb
No.44 in e
No.45 in f#
No.47 in G
No.48 in C
No.49 in f
No.53 in D
No.55 in Eb
No.59 in A
Symphony number and keyNickname
No.60 in C
No.63 in C
No.64 in A
No.69 in C
No.73 in D
No.82 in C
No.83 in g
No.84 in Eb
No.85 in Bb
No.92 in G
No.94 in G
No.96 in D
No.100 in G
No.101 in D
No.103 in Eb
No.104 in D

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