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ReactionReagentsTemperature, Pressure, Catalyst
Steam cracking (alkanes->alkenes)
Cat cracking (alkanes->alkenes)
Hydrogenation (alkenes-> alkanes)
Polymerisation (alkenes)
Condensation Polymerisation (amine) 1
Condensation Polymerisation (amine) 2
Hydration of ethene (lab)
Hydration of ethene (industry)
Dehydration / elimination of alcohol
Oxidation (alcohol->aldehyde)
Oxidation (alcohol -> carboxylic acid)
Oxidation (alcohol -> ketone)
Nucleophillic addition to ketone
Reduction (-> alcohol)
Esterification (alcohol -> ester)
ReactionReagentsTemperature, Pressure, Catalyst
Esterification (carboxylic acid-> ester)
Esterification (acyl chloride -> ester)
Ester Hydrolysis acid
Ester Hydrolysis alkali
Hydrolysis (acid anhydride -> ester)
Halogenation (alkane -> halogenoalkane) 1
Halogenation (radical substitution) 2
Halogenation (alkene -> halogenoalkane) 1
Halogenation (e+ addition) 2
Nuc sub (halogenoalkane -> amine)
Nuc sub (amine -> amide)
Nuc sub (alcohol -> halogenoalkane)
Nuc sub (acyl chloride -> amide)
Hydrolysis (amine -> carboxylic acid)
Hydrolysis (acyl chloride -> carboxylic acid)

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