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'All we ever were, just...'3 / Zero-Sum
'What if all the world you think you know...'4 / Right Where it Belongs
'I just made you up...'3 / Only
Your god is dead...'4 / Heresy
'She spreads herself wide open...'5 / Reptile
'I am justified. I am purified. I am sanctified...'2 / Sanctified
'Did you think I wouldn't recognize this compromise? Am I just...'4 / Sin
'My whole existence is flawed...'6 / Closer
'Head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather...'5 / Head Like a Hole
'My god comes in...'4 / Starf---ers, Inc'
'give me your reminder, I can't remember...'4 / Memorabilia
'You could have it all...'4 / Hurt

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