Path to 250,000

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Can you name the Steps To The Path to 250,000?

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As always, type in the number 250,000.
Add 200,000 and 450,000.
Divide by 100,000.
Multiply that number by 90.
Add 690.
Multiply by 10.
Add 4,000 and 100,000.
Add 81,000.
Multiply it by 10.
Multipy it by 10 again.
Divide your last answer by 5.
Subtract 3,500,000.
Add 175,000 and 25,000.
Subtract 698,000.
Before you answer this question, take a short break. Subtract 1,990.
Add 990.
Add 19,000.
Multiply by 4.
Add 45,000.
Last but not least, double your last answer.

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