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I'm just a ____________ I suppose.Avon
World going one way, _________ another yo.Poot
A man must have a _________.Bunk
This look like money, motherf---er? Money be _______ !D'angelo
The game is rigged. But you cannot lose if you do not _______.Marla Daniels
It's Baltimore gentlemen. The ______ will not save you.Burrell
The Bunk is strictly a ______ and _____ mother-F----er.Bunk (two words)
Man said if you want to shoot nails this here's the Cadillac, man. He mean _____ but he ain't know it.Snoop
If it's a lie, then we ________ on that lie.Slim
Nevermind you ____. _____ ain't in your repertoire no more.Chris (same word twice)
Money ain't got no owners. Only _________.Omar
You put fire to everything you touch McNulty, then you walk away while it ______.Freamon
Our job is to report the news, not to ____________ it.Gus
Ain't no shame in holding on to ________.Bubbles
My name is my _______!Marlo
Be a little slow, be a little __________, just once.Avon
Lesson here 'Bey: You come at the ________ you best not miss.Omar
You'd rather live in sh-- than let the world see you work a __________Daniels
Everybody stays friends, everybody gets paid and everybody's got a f---ing ___________McNulty
Enough for us to know that he was, despite his neglibile Irish ancestry, his defects of personality and his inconstant sobriety and _____________, a true murder police. Jay Landsman

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