The Serpent's Shadow

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Can you name the Trivia from The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan?

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Number of parts of the soul
School the initiates attend
Egyptian word for shadow
Location of Bes' shadow
Unlikely god whose power Amos channels
Khaemwaset's father
Leaders of the rebel magicians
Evil Magician Ghost
God whose path Walt follows
Hippo goddess
Anubis' grouchy great-grandpa
Hiding place of Apophis' shadow
Scarab form of Ra
The new Pharaoh
Ship Carter summons
Nutty goddess who hunts Walt and Sadie
White shabti crocodile
The Serpent
Eye of Ra
Nervous young Russian magician
Happy god of the Nile
Pretty pink bindings of Setne
The Hunting Goddess's gruesome trophies

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