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Queen Marie's daughter
Frank's mother
Giant made from precious metals
First animal into which Frank changes
Animals deadly to basilisks
Iris's assistant
Hylla's challenger from the grave
Boy whom Leo strongly resembles
Hazel stopped a stampede of these creatures
God who was chained in the giant's camp
Remaining Praetor of the Twelfth Legion
Red-headed genius harpy
Son of Neptune (doh)
The two words on Phineas' piece of paper
The land beyond the gods
Children of demigods
Book that Mars gave Frank
Gorgon who will not stop offering Percy Cheese n Weiners
Missing praetor
Gold-eating supersonic horse
Iris's shop
Reyna's sister
Animal that Percy hailed to tow them to Portland
Percy kills this giant with the aid of Terminus
Hazel's cohort
This augur enjoys disembowling stuffed animals

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