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WorkAuthorExtra Info
Cato Maior de SenectuteOn Old Age
De ArchitecturaConcerning Architecture
Naturalis HistoriaNatural History
Pharsaliaa.k.a De Bello Civili or Bellum Civile
CurculioA fabula palliatae
De ArboribusOn Trees
Remedia AmorisThe Remedy of Love
Anticatonesa.k.a. Anti-Cato
Dialogus de OratoribusA Dialogue on Oratory
ArgonauticaEpic about the Argonauts
De Aquis Urbis RomaeAbout the Aqueducts of the City of Rome
OriginesA seven book history the entirity of which we do not possess
WorkAuthorExtra Info
ChronicaA history of the world in three volumes
De Civitate DeiConcerning the City of God
Institutio OratoriaInstitutio Oratoria
De Bello IugurthinoAbout the Jugurthine War
AndriaThe Girl from Andros
AgricolaLife of Agricola
ClastidiumFabula Praetexta
AegisthusA Tragedy
RudensThe Rope
Res GestaeThe Deeds of the Divine Augustus

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