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Only author to have his bust displayed in Asinius Pollio's public library
Horace refers to him as 'mea lucerna'
The Roman Callimachus
Invokes Venus at the beginning of his work that argues against divine intervention
First state professor of rhetoric, with annual salary of 100,000 sesterces
Sued by his in-laws for witchcraft
Best friends with T. Pomponius
Wrote the longest (and worst) Latin epic
Died in Bethlehem in either A.D. 419 or 420
Tutor of M. Aurelius and L. Verus
Fun FactAuthor
Lost his father when he was 6, died when he was only about 28
Pliny the Younger and Septicius Clarus were his patrons
Wrote comedies that are sometimes attributed to one of his patrons, either Scipio Aemilianus or Laelius
Fell into disgrace with Augustus and killed himself in 26 B.C.
Recalled from exile (in Corsica) to tutor Nero
Dante's guide through the underworld
Last Latin author to write both comedy and tragedy
His style was described by Quintilian as 'lactea ubertas'
Forced D. Laberius to act in one of his own mimes

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