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Ship Leo drew when he was five
This goddess freezes some of Festus's wires
Muddy children of Gaea
Reaper of Men
Lady of the doves
Leopard that likes to eat goddesses and Snausages
Resucitated enchantress turned saleswoman
Boreas has a hotel here
Jason's storm spirit ride
The inhabitants of Monocle Motors
Hera babysat Leo under this alias
This hunter of Artemis is terrified of heights
Item Jason tried to eat when he was two
The questers appear on this cabin's table after they finished their quest
Leo finds wings for Festus here
Piper's magic power
Leo's mother
Jason fought this Titan during the Titan War
Location of Hera's prison
Aeolus' castle is above this mountain
Boreas usually only speaks this tongue
Symbol that appears over Leo's head
Sleepy son of Hypnos
Anemoi thuellai
Boreas' Roman name
Flowers that are on the door of Cabin Fifteen

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