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Hint4 letter Word
A profoundly tender, Passionate affection for another person
Bird of Peace
A quantity of medicine prescribed To be taken at one time
A flexible tube for conveying liquid
The feeling that what is wanted can be had
A house or residence where someone lives
A polygonal vault, ceiling or roof
Equal to 10 cents
A green citrus fruit
A mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth
A tree with long needle shaped leaves
A colour that is favoured by many girls
A smooth expanse of ice for ice-skating
To close or open one or both eyes quickly
Hint4 letter Word
Anything serving to connect one part or thing to another
To fall, drop or Descend gradually to a lower level
A semiaquatic weasel like animal Used mainly for it's fur
Something that belongs to me
The long hair growing on the back or around the neck of some animals
A stick or short staff used to assist someone in walking
A suit or action at law
A vessel used to hold cut flowers
A valley
Not female
A small congenital spot or blemish on the human skin usually of the darkish colour
A part or character played by an actor or actress
A Thick line of cord usually made of twisted strands hemp or flax
Capital of Italy
A flower usually given on valentines day usually pink or red

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