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a few hints to help you along...(you'll good luck(failing to)find the answersnicknames and titles from Carvahall who was killed by the Razac
97.chief of Durgrimst FeldunostGrimstborith
56.Member of council of Elders, close to answer #6
86.mother of answer #24
47.answer to #31's daughter
8.King of the dwarves in InheritanceGrimstnzborith
51.son of answer #30
21.owned a shop next to Jeod in book 1 f the inheritance cycle in Teirm
11.Eragon and Saphira's master, dragonebrithil
13.Leader of Az Swelden Rak Anhuin in Brisingr
101.chief of Durgrimst VrenshrrgnGrimstborith
29.The man always searching for and answer
83.two-legs-pointy-ears who was close to answer #37
106.shaper of the Star Rose, first and last name
28.werecat, companion of a witch
118. answer #6's handmaiden ambassador for the two-legs-pointy-ears from the end of Inheritance
88.niece of answer #1
43.first and last name, leads first raid the protagonist's cousin goes on
27.killed under Dras Leona, two-legs-pointy-ears
31.wife of Carvahall's blacksmith
26.Eragon's momthe black hand
64.the biggest dragon
41.creator of dwarves
44.the warrior with 2 hearts, is in Inheritance
69.Leader of Feinster
94.chief of Durgrimst EbardacGrimstborith
102.chief of Durgrimst NagraGrimstborith
63.has a metal body which was crafted by answer #65Hunter of Nidhwal and bane of Urgals
49.king of dwarves in book 1 from the inheritance cycle
2.Protagonist, dragonBjartskular
24.Carvahal's former storyteller
58.member of The Wyrdfavrell
96.answer #1's dwarvish translator
35.king of werecatsthe one who walks alone
22.king of Surda
37.two-legs-pointy-ears queen in EldestDrottning in Helgrind, childrenOld ones
36.first rider
68.stabbed in the back while on sentry duty in Carvahall by answer #67
122.commander who reported answer #18 for disobeying orders
a few hints to help you along...(you'll good luck(failing to)find the answersnicknames and titles
53.son of answer #54
100.chief of Durgrimst LedwonnuGrimstborith
42.leader of answer #1's two-legs-pointy-ears guards
99.chief of Durgrimst KnurlcarathnGrimstborith
12.Eragon and Saphira's master, two-legs-pointy-earsTokira Ikonoka, the cripple who is whole, ebrithil
34.Two-legs-pointy-ears's princess's dragon
17.Eragon's half brother's dragon
14.Leader of the Varden in the first book in the inheritance cycle, is killed
108. dwarvish god of fire and patron of smiths
121. answer #46's wife
75.answer #18's father
59.member of The Wyrdfavrell
60.dragon whose rider was killed, Eldunari, was used by answer #58 and answer #59
54.husband of answer #55
115.Carvahall's carpenter
70.member of the nighthawks, examined the minds of two-legs-pointy-ears
79.wife of answer #8Grimstcalvorst
90. bird with feathers without color and the ability to see into the future
50.answer #18's wife
52.son of answer #30
112.two-legs-pointy-ears,killed by Durza
107.father of answer #29
72.answer #73 sang herself into this tree
113.two-legs-pointy-ears,killed by Durza
66.oldest Eldunari from vault of souls
46.Carvahall's former tavern keeper
25.Eragon's half brother's dad
85.father of answer #24 in Helgrind, adultOld ones
1.Protagonist, two-legs-round-earsArgetlam
10.nemesis's second dragon
123.Jeod's wife
104.chief of Durgrimst FanghurGrimstborith
116.challenged answer #6 to the trial of long knives
114.Carvahall's shoemaker
48.friend of answer #18, magician
20.two-legs-round-ears cursed by eragon in Eragon
76.from Carvahall, killed on page 652 and is found out to be dead on page 653 of inheritance
61.answer #24's dragon
117.Young messanger boy for the council of elders
a few hints to help you along...(you'll good luck(failing to)find the answersnicknames and titles
30.blacksmith of Carvahall
103.chief of Durgrimst GedthrallGrimstborith
109.inhabited by answer #3
55.killed by answer #38
111.owner of the barges the people of Carvahall used
45.mate of answer #35
19.Saphira's mother from Carvahall
77.Saphira's father
16.Eragon's half brother
71.forger of rider's swords
32.Carvahall's healer inscribed in runes under Dras Leona
93.One of Eragon's two-legs-pointy-ears who stayed in Du Weldenvarden when Eragon and Saphira left for lands beyond
23.friend of protagonist's dad
82.son of answer #68
33.leader of the riders during the fall
73.two-legs-pointy-ears who sang herself into a tree
119.a farmer's son who was killed in Carvahall
18.Eragon's cousin
89.leader of the city which suceeded from the ashes of the empire
67.betrayed Carvahall to answer #38
78. father of answer #8
5.Elf, loved by answer #1Drottingu, Drottning
95.chief of Durgrimst QuanGrimstborith
7.Leader of Urgals in Inheritance
65.made the metal body for the eldunari of answer #63The Enchantess
91.One of Arya's companions killed in the shade Durza's ambush
92. One of Eragon's two-legs-pointy-ears who stayed in Du Weldenvarden when Eragon and Saphira left for lands beyond
84.father of answer #22
98.chief of Durgrimst Ragni HefthynGrimstborith
74.dwarf woman whose entire tribe but her and her guards died and then she died of sorrow. Her guards named themselves after her tears
15.two people, are killed by answer #1's cousin
105.chief of Durgrimst UrzhadGrimstborith
80.head of Du Vrangr Gatasorceress
81.father of answer #44
6.Leader of Varden in BrisingrLady Nightstalker
40.dwarf head god
62.answer #33's dragon

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