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Who was Aya's partner in Parasite Eve?
The EX-Game in Parasite Eve gives you access to which location?
How many floors does the Chrysler Building have?
Who was the supervisor for MIST in Los Angeles?
What does ANMC stand for?
What was the name of Aya's mother?
Where does the final showdown between Aya and Eve take place?
What is the name of the hospital where Eve obtains the sperm sample?
What is Daniel's son's name?
Who was the scientist that created new, artificial sperm for Eve?
This is an attachment for the P08 handgun in Parasite Eve 2
What color does the screen flash when Aya enters battle?
Who is the main character?
Who was Daniel's ex-wife?
The massive greenhouse that houses ANMC's is called...?
How many possible endings are there in Parasite Eve 2?
What does NMC stand for?
In Parasite Eve 2, what does BP stand for?
How many days in Parasite Eve?
What item allows you to save in both Parasite Eve games?
What is the name of the organization dedicated to exterminating NMC's?
How old was Aya during the New York incident?
How many good luck charms does Maeda give you?
What is the code to the motel lobby cash register in Parasite Eve 2?
What was the name of Aya's older sister?

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