How well do you know pacey from dawson`s creek?

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Can you name the whats paceys last name?

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rhymes with twitterwhitterwitter
who did pacey lose his virginity too?jacobs
what is paceys last words to jen before she dies?saturdays got amy and my name written all over it.
which one of joeys college friends did pacey date?andre
what is paceys older sisters name?grechten
whats paceys boats name?tru luv
who is paceys brother in law at the end of the series?mcphee
what college did pacey get accepted to?none
who plays pacey whitter?jackson
rhymes with twitterwhitterwitter
who does pacey and jack live with in season 6?ema
whos paceys first true love?mcphee
who does pacey end up with?potter
what did pacey get for his 18th birthday?fireworks
who does pacey go to sea with?potter
who shaves paceys go tee while locked in kmart?potter
what is paceys occupation in season 6?restraunt owner

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