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QuoteLineCharacter:#of Words
I'm pretty sure there's more to life than...Derek Zoolander:6
Moisture is the essence of wetness..Derek Zoolander:7
Seriously, do you like...(to matilda when asking about sex)Derek Zoolander:6
A eugoogoolizer... one who speaks at funerals. Or did you think...Derek Zoolander:10
The Derek Zoolander center for...Derek Zoolander:14
Blue steal?Ferrari? La tigra? They're the same face. Doesn't anybody notice this...Mugatu: 7
Bulimic...Derek Zoolander:4
It's that damn Hansel..Mugatu:5
QuoteLineCharacter:#of Words
Uh earth to Matilda. I was at a day spa...Derek Zoolander: 3
And when i say brother. I don't mean,like, an actual brother but I mean...Derek Zoolander:7
Maury: What do we do when we fall of the horse...We get back on...Derek Zoolander:6
Wait a minute. I might just have an idea. They'll be looking for us at Maury's right? But they...Derek Zoolander:6
I can Dere-lick...Derek Zoolander:7
Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the...Mugatu:14
I caught my reflection in a spoon while I was eating my cereal, and I remember thinking 'wow, you're...Derek Zoolander: 11
I never thought I'd live to see...Larry/Derek Zoolander:6

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