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Original teamTeam todayLeague
Buffalo Bison (or) Tri- Cities Blackhawks (or) Milwaukee Hawks (or) St. Louis HawksNBA
Cleveland (or) Los Angeles RamsNFL
Houston Colt .45sMLB
Detroit Cougars (or) FalconsNHL
Vancouver GrizzliesNBA
San Diego RocketsNBA
New Jersey Americans (or) New York NetsNBA
Mighty Ducks of AnahiemNHL
Baltimore ColtsNFL
Pittsburgh PirateNFL
Denver RocketsNBA
Quebec NordiquesNHL
Oklahoma City (or) Charlotte HornetsNBA
Milwaukee Brewers (or) St. Louis BrownsMLB
New York GiantsMLB
Kansas City Blues (or) Washington CapitalsMLB
Seattle PilotsMLB
Kansas City Scouts (or) Colorado RockiesNHL
Houston Oilers (or) Tennessee OilersNFL
Syracuse Reds (or) NationalsNBA
Boston Braves (or) RedskinsNFL
Dallas TexansNFL
Detroit Gems (or) Minneapolis LakersNBA
Portsmouth SpartansNFL
Boston AmericansMLB
Original teamTeam todayLeague
Washington BulletsNBA
New Orleans JazzNBA
Oakland SenoresNFL
St. Louis EaglesNHL
Philadelphia (or) San Francisco WarriorsNBA
Minnesota North StarsNHL
Winnipeg JetsNHL
Alberta OilersNHL
Boston Patriots (or) Bay State PatriotsNFL
Atlanta FlamesNHL
New york titansNFL
Montreal ExposMLB
New England (or) Hartord WhalersNHL
Seattle super sonicsNBA
Rochester Royals (or) Cincinnati Royals (or) Kansas City KingsNBA
Buffalo Braves (or) San Diego ClippersNBA
Toronto Blueshirts (or) Arenas (or) St. PatricksNHL
Chicago (or) St. Louis (or) Pheonix CardinalsNFL
Milwaukee (or) Boston BravesMLB
Grand Rapids Rustlers (or) Cleveland Blues (or) Clevland NapsMLB
Sioux City Cornhuskers (or) St. Paul SaintsMLB
Decatur (or) Chicago StaleysNFL
Dallas (or) Texas chaparralsNBA
New york highlander (or) Baltimore oriolesMLB
Fort Wayne PistonsNBA

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