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adverb - immediately or soon afterward OR preposition - in relation to; by comparison with
pronoun - one's OR contraction describing a person or their actions
preposition - in the direction of OR also
verb - to take or receive OR preposition - with the exclusion of
noun - month of the year often pronounced without R
noun - a space void of objects or air OR a home cleaning appliance
verb - to make uncomfortably self conscious or shameful
verb - to go before OR noun - the total amount derived from a sale
noun - instrument, such as one for measuring rain
possesive pronoun - describing an object OR contraction of two 2-letter words
noun - the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion
adjective - fantastic, strange or bizarre
noun - contact or connection maintained by communications between units of the armed forces or other organization
noun - the state of the atmosphere OR conjunction - introducing the first of two or more alternatives
adjective - representation or image of something on a small or reduced scale
conjunction - up to the time of, or when OR verb - to plow
verb - to be set aside as void, useless, or obsolete
adjective - attracting attention or noteworthy
noun - noncommissioned army officer of a rank above that of corporal
noun - an event, action, something that happens
noun - pertaining to a particular person OR noun - a body of persons employed
noun - a word agreeing with another in terminal sound
verb - to keep apart or divide, or force apart
noun - the pattern of regular or irregular pulses caused in music
adverb - from time to time, now and then, not frequent
noun - place with a collection of publications for reading and studying
adjective - liable to be variable over time, as in the weather in the skies
adjective - meticulous, careful, painstaking, particular
verb - to implant an antigen in a person or animal
noun - an item owned, or a territorial dominion of a state

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