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Profession 1 - MeaningWordProfession 2 - Meaning
Photographer - an individual exposure on a strip of film used in making moviesHome Builder - an open structure that gives shape and support
Orthodontist - a device worn in the mouthLawyer - a fee paid to secure services
Botanist - straight slender shoot, stem, or cane of a woody plantSurveyor - once a standard unit of measurement
Football Receiver - area to run to avoid defenderTailor - line made using stitches
Racecar Driver - 1st position to start the raceScience Teacher - part of a battery or region of a magnet
Farmer - small enclosure for animalsAuthor - to put down in writing
Cartographer - list of explanations of symbols, codes, etcMason - a wedge for tightening a joint or splitting stone
Winemaker - a measure of capacity equal to 4 barrelsOrganist - tubular device in which air is made to vibrate
Gymnastic Judge - one of these results in a lower scoreAccountant - one of these results in lower taxable income
Insurance Agent - an agreement by which liability coverage is grantedStudent - used to keep loose paper in
Profession 1 - MeaningWordProfession 2 - Meaning
Police Officer - person in charge of a K 9 dogPorter - a person who loads and unloads baggage
Rancher - the tassel-like tip of the tail of cattleElectrician - a device for making or breaking a circuit
Administrative Assistant - a small projection from a folder, used as an aid in filingMusician - shorthand version of chord arrangements
Baker - something placed on a bagelCampaign Manager - to harm an opponent's reputation
Shoe Salesman - type of woman's shoePlumber - machine used for moving liquids or compressing gases
Hunter - a lightly built structure of brush or other growthsInterior Decorator - a type of window covering
Mechanic - type of transmissionPublisher - a book of instructions
Parole Officer - the risk of a convict fleeingRocket Scientist - the occurence of a mission launch and recovery
Job Counselor - to enter a person into employmentJockey - a top finishing position
Captain - a platform from which a vessel is navigatedCivil Engineer - a structure providing passage over a river

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