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Can you name the term or expression with 'cheese' of 'cheez' in it?

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sandwich popular in Philadelphia, often topped with onions
expression prior to photo taking
can be eaten by itself, with fruit, or used as an ingredient in lasagna
popular bagel spread
Kraft product usually placed on answer no. 1
Big Mac or Quarter Pounder
'sweet' restaurant chain with 149 locations in 34 states
rodent-mascot restaurant, popular with kids
material used to remove whey from cheese curds
square crackers made by Sunshine (Kellogg)
Wise Foods snack, similar to Cheetos
slang term for boss or manager
popular song by Jimmy Buffett
casserole with pasta and cheese
snack-sized serving of mozzarella that can be peeled
ground up cheese, usually placed on top of pasta dishes

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