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rainy is to Asia as arid is to _________
US lakes is to Minnesota as US coastline is to ________
Kansas City is to Kansas/Missouri as ______ is to Europe/Asia
Eisenhower Interstate System is to US as the _______ is to Germany
Juneau is to the US as ______ is to the world
NJ population is to US as _______ population is to the world
'Land of the Rising Sun' is to Japan as 'Land of the Aryans' is to _____
Everest is to Asia as _______ is to Africa
Death Valley California is to US as ______ is to world
Austin is to the US as _______ is to the world
Lake Placid is to US as ________ is to the world
Italy is to wine as _____ is to beer
US is to summer Olympics as ______ is to winter Olympics
75% is to water as 10% is to ____
Rhode Island is to the US as ______ is to the world
India is to tea as _____ is to coffee
France/Spain/Greece, etc is to the world as ______ is to the US
Eiffel Tower is to 1889 as Shea Stadium is to _____
Lake Superior is to North America as Lake _______ is to Africa
River Danube is to the Black Sea as River Thames is to _____ Sea
Panama is to Colombia as the US is to _______
the eagle is to Egypt as the ______ is to Dominica

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