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LyricsThe name of the songIn Pink Friday album
'Boy you got my heart beat runnin' away'Yes
'Im the wolf so where is little reding riding hood!'No
'I beleive that life is a prize , but to live doesn't mean your alvie'Yes
'I keep a couple hoes like Santa I keep a Vixen 'No
'He Say Nicki Don't Stop You The Bestest'No
'I just came outta the muthafuckin old school'No
'All these bitches is my sons, and I ain't talkin' bout Phoneix'Yes
'Is that why you get more head than shampoos? ' No
'Never spoke lies and he never broke fly'Yes
'You lil brag a lot, I beat you with a pad-a-lock'Yes
'Your hands in the air, like I was your puppeteer'Yes
'I am not a girl that can ever be defined'Yes

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