Don't Worry about it

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Clue/QuotePerson its about
'I dont wanna talk about it'
'I just dont wanna talk about it'
'Good ****'
'Sup Laaaadies'
'I'll come down like tom cruise in risky business'
'What will i get out of this?'
'I have to do homework'
'Be a person'
'I dont wanna break GDL'
'Yeeeehaw/ any accent'
'true or false....'
'but why should i go out if my mom made dinner?'
'Lets go ice skating'
longest last name ever
funniest person that watches friends and we love it
Lives across the street from ashley
Clue/QuotePerson its about
Her sister is an ice skating princess
'Fran packed me a good lunch today'
our gingas
our ninjas
'these are the things that make my dick hard'
40 girls want me right now NBD
Hair from heaven...its from the ocean salt
Girl bowler nuff said
Cheescake bars nuff said
nuff said
Said nuff
More to come

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