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Plot SongSample Lyric
Eminem explains how he has to be controversial to sell records, and compares himself to young people all across the USA
Eminem will not give up rapping until he is the best or it kills him
A serial killer goes on an early morning rampage
Eminem talks about how his mother's drug addiction made him an addict
Eminem looks back on his brief relationship with Mariah Carey
Eminem disposes of his ex-wife's body with the 'help' of his daughter
Eminem and Dr Dre portray the conflicting thoughts of three men in sticky situations
The hypocrisy of politicians and prosecutors criticising Eminem while their children buy his records
Plot SongSample Lyric
Mr Shady teaches a class about the dangers of life, in a direct parody of South Park
Eminem mourns his friend Proof, and attempts suicide unsuccessfully
A young father raps in contests in an attempt to provide for his family
Eminem explains how sick Kim makes him feel
An extreme example of a love-hate relationship
Eminem fantasises about killing off his Slim Shady persona, before it is revealed to have all been a dream
Eminem speaks out against copycat artists
Marshall describes how his step-father abused him when he was younger
Plot SongSample Lyric
Eminem bemoans the existence of violence and gang wars in rap
Eminem explains his controversial nature in terms of his upbringing
Eminem kills his ex-wife
A protest against Bush and war
A crazed Eminem fan questions why he has not replied to his letters, before killing his girlfriend and himself
Gunfight at a D12 concert

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