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Description4-letter word
♕A male monarch of a major territorial unit♕
♕The shape of the seal of Solomon♕
A spoke of a wheel
Character of a Germanic alphabet
♕To exercise authority or power over♕
First name of actor and Tapdancer Hill
♕The title for the male Ruler of e.g. Luxembourg.♕
The third Gospel in the New Testament
A considerable inland body of standing water
A strip of roadway for a single line of vehicles
♕The opposite of sea♕
Piece of wood used for magic
Description4-letter word
♕The inner court of a castle or fortress♕
♕Armed hostile conflicts between nations or countries♕
Pixar movie
A flat, rectangular piece of paper used for playing games
A long slender flexible material
♕An owner of land or other real property♕
Whatever is put on a pack animal to be carried
Chemical element with the symbol Pb
♕Mad Shakespearean king♕
A drop of clear fluid coming out of the eye
♕Russian monarch before the February revolution♕

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