Pokémon Etymologies (Gen V)

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Burst of electricity (-t) + Parasitic arachnid (-c)Bug/Electric
Soft white fibrous substance used for sewing (+ee)Grass/Fairy
Species of bird + Suffix meaning 'small'Water/Flying
Relating to DNA (-tic) + Small invertebrate animal (-in)Bug/Steel
Word relating to primates (-an) + To drop liquidWater
Spanish for 'fox' (-r) + Absence of light (-d)Dark
Huge + Greek for 'rock' (-os)Rock
Farmyard animal + To bring flame on (-ig)Fire/Fighting
Horse-like mammal (-ra) + To hit something (e=a)Electric
Word relating to earthquakes (-c) + Species of amphibianWater/Ground
To seduce + Cave-dwelling mammalPsychic/Flying
Tiny drops of water + Semiaquatic mammal (-er)Water
Element with symbol Co (-t) + Large cat (-L)Steel/Fighting
Wood (er=urr)Fighting
Species of reptile (-ake) + Type of plantGrass
To toss (w=h)Fighting
Young bear + Sound of sneezing (-a)Ice
Illuminated + Fuel for candles or lampsGhost/Fire
Species of antlered mammal + Suffix meaning 'small'Normal/Grass
Device for making holes (-l) + Dig underground (-row)Ground
Courageous (-ve) + Large bird cage (-a)Normal/Flying
Signet + hieroglyphic character (-gl)Psychic/Flying
Thin and bonyDark/Fighting
Waste (-age) + Bad smellPoison
Spanish for 'turtle' (o=i, +o)Water/Rock
Sound of metal ClashingSteel
Plant foliage (-es) + Person looking after a child (-n)Bug/Grass
Adjectival form for Iron + Sharp spine on a plantGrass/Steel
Initials for the four seasons + Male deerNormal/Grass
Condition of high temperature + Extra (-e)Fire

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