Pokémon etymologies (Gen III)

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Can you name the Pokémon by the origin of their name (gen III)?

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Freeing oneself from guilt (-ution)Dark
Solid surface of the earth (-nd)+ Of great importanceGround
Latin for 'royalty' (-ium) + Frozen waterIce
Division of Sumo-wrestlingFighting
To ring out (-e) + To reverberatePsychic
Unhappy/grouchy (-py) + Farmyard animalPsychic
High-pitched vocal sound (-o) + Air or melodyDragon/Flying
Beam of light + Distant star (s=z, -r)Dragon/Flying
French for 'guard' + French for 'to see'Psychic/Fairy
Latin for 'sun' + Lump of mineral matterRock/Psychic
Negative charge (s=n)Electric
Latin for 'to hide' (ea=i) + Male suffixDragon/Psychic
Strength + Slow-moving tropical American mammal (-sl)Normal
Limb of a bird + Species of bird (-g)Water/Flying
Latin for 'royalty' (-um) + Metal alloySteel
Ungrown plant + Small child (-t)Grass
Small spike + Species of fish (-l)Water/Ground
Boggy area + Step on with force (-s)Water/Ground
Stealthy martial art (-a) + Cover for the face (-m)Bug/Flying
Hump-backed mammal (-el) + Explosion of a volcano (-ion)Fire/Ground
Weak (-ble) + Species of fish (-s)Water
Device used to capture creatures (-p) + Grip tightlyGround
Fine dry particles (-t) + Poisonous (-ic)Bug/Poison
Darker stage of twilight + Bony framework of the head (-sk)Ghost
First 5 letters of the full name for DNA (+s)Psychic
Blue colour (-re) + Small brook or riverNormal
Marine creature (-l) + Latin for 'lion'Ice/Water
Powerful + Dog-like animal (-hy)Dark
Disguise (-ade) + Form of precipationBug/Flying
Solid material (-l) + Unattractively large or bloatedSteel/Psychic

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