Pokemon Etymologies Gen IV

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Can you name the Generation IV pokémon by the origin of their name?

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A silent performer + Younger editionPsychic/Fairy
Darkness between day and night + French for 'black'Ghost
Sound a frog makes (-k) + Slimy matterPoison/Fighting
Species of insect (c=k) + Music (-t)Bug
Hard protective outer case (-l) + Missing (-t)Water
Relating to wasps (-ne) + Royalty (-e)Bug/Flying
Frozen moisture (-t) + Young femaleIce/Ghost
Plant foliage + Word relating to a long timeGrass
Species of primate (-p) + To burnFire
Type of metal (-e) + Deep chime of a bell (-d)Steel/Psychic
Heir to the throne (-ce) + Sound of dripping waterWater
To float through air (-t) + Floating air ship (-p)Ghost/Flying
Mammal emitting a foul smell (-k) + Armored vehiclePoison/Dark
Appendage of sea animals + Noble gasWater
Japanese for 'spike' + Display of affectionFairy/Flying
Unit of brightness + Type of radiation (-x) Electric
Leader + Species of Bird (c=k)Dark/Flying
Absence of light + Japanese for 'dark' (-ku)Dark
Prefix signifying power (-h) + Latin for 'God' (-d)Normal
Latin for 'royalty' (-um) + Greek for 'giant'Normal
Many sided figure (l=r) + Last letter of the AlphabetNormal
Ghost (-t) + Burial chamberGhost/Dark
Sound a cat makes (-r) + UnattractiveNormal
Joyful (-y) + Small (-t)Normal
Raging fire (-o) + PrimateFire/Fighting
Molten rock in a volcano (-ma) + Type of cannonFire
Nocturnal species of insect (-h) + Pronoun to refer to a maleBug/Flying
Twisted mesh of strands (-gle) + EnlargementGrass
To eat + Chill out (-re)Normal
Personal pronoun + Small fairy (-e)Psychic

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