A Game of Screentime Thrones

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Can you guess which of these 'Game of Thrones' characters has had more screentime during the first 4 seasons?

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a) Loras Tyrell or b) Oberyn Martell
a) Catelyn Stark or b) Eddard Stark
a) Sandor Clegane or b) Jorah Mormont
a) Robert Baratheon or b) Renly Baratheon
a) Arya Stark or b) Sansa Stark
a) Thoros of Myr or b) Beric Dondarion
a) Viserys Targaryen or b) Khal Drogo
a) Davos Seaworth or b) Stannis Baratheon
a) Walder Frey or b) Balon Greyjoy
a) Osha or b) Gilly
a) Tyrion Lannister or b) Jon Snow
a) Shae or b) Melisandre
a) Yoren or b) Jeor Mormont
a) Ygritte or b) Brienne of Tarth
a) Varys or b) Petyr Baelish
a) Mance Rayder or b) Tormund Giantsbane
a) Theon Greyjoy or b) Robb Stark
a) Podrick Payne or b) Bronn
a) Ramsay Snow or b) Roose Bolton
a) Jaime Lannister or b) Cersei Lannister

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