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Can you name the correct answer to these (O)ver/(U)nder questions about 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?

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Statement(O)ver/(U)nderActual Number/Fact
Knights of Renly's Rainbow Guard: 8
Number of Sand Snakes: 7
Free cities: 8
Hands of the King under Aerys II Targaryen: 8
Members of Daenerys Targaryen's Queensguard (at any time): 7
Commanders of the Night's Watch before Jon Snow: 899
Named bastards of Robert Baratheon: 8
Direwolf pups found by the Starks: 7
Deaths of Beric Dondarrion: 9
Mountain clans of the Vale: 5
Year of Khal Drogo's death: 280 AL
Known Dothraki cities: 10
War of the ___ Kings: 6
Strongholds of the Night's Watch along the Wall: 12
Works* by George RR Martin set in the world of ASoIaF: 8
People on Arya Stark original death list: 10
Wives of Walder Frey: 6
Targaryen kings on the Iron Throne: 20
Known skinchangers: 15
POV characters in the first five books: 25
Total winnings in the Tourney of the Hand: 100,000 golden dragons
Age of Joffrey when he gains the Iron Throne: 14
Named Children of the Forest: 5
Age of Daenerys Targaryen at the death of Viserys Targaryen: 13
Principal cities in Slaver's Bay: 6

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