Can You Name The Twilight Saga Characters?

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Can you name the Twilight Saga Characters?

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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Oympic Coven/ Leader
Olympic Coven/ Leader's Wife
Olympic Coven/ *read minds
Olympic Coven/ *sheild
Olympic Coven/ *Half human half vampire
Oympic Coven/ *control moods
Olymic Coven/ *see future
Olympic Coven/ most beautiful
Olympic Coven/ muscular
Denali Coven/ *see other's gifts
Denali Coven/ mate of first
Denali Coven/ Leader
Denali Coven/ *shock ability
Denali Coven/ killed by Volturi
American Nomad/ *tracker
American Nomad/ *tracker mate
American Nomad or Denali Coven
American Nomad or Denali Coven
American Nomad/ Jasper's friend
American Nomad/ mate
Amazon Coven/ *Leader
Amazon Coven/ sister
Amazon Coven/ sister
Egyptian Coven/ Leader
Egyptian Coven/ leader's mate
Egyptian Coven/ *manipulate water earth fire and wind
Egyptian Coven/ mate
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Romanian Coven
Romanian Coven
European Nomads/ * travels alone
European Nomads/ *lie detector
European Nomads/ mate
Irish Coven/ *Leader
Irish Coven/ leader mate
Irish Coven/ *lie detector
Volturi Coven/ *Leader/ read minds w/ touch
Volturi Coven/ *read relationships
Volturi Coven/ other head
Volturi Guard/ *painful stare
Volturi Guard/ *take away senses
Volturi Guard/ *tracker
Volturi Guard/ strong
Volturi Guard/ *fisher
Volrui Guard/ *Aro's guard
Werewolf/ former Alpha
Werewolf/ new Alpha/ Imrinted on Nessie
Werewolf/ male Clearwater
Werewolf/ female Clearwater
Werewolf/ imprinted on Claire
Werewolf/ Quil's friend
Jacob's Father
Bella's Father
Bella's Mother
Bella's Stepfather

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