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Can you name the Harry Potter characters based on the meaning of their names?

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This character’s name possibly comes from a giant in Greek mythology who is framed for murder and banished from Mount Olympus but is allowed to stay and take care of the animals.
This character’s last name is a regional American English slang term for mosquito.
The brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, the “dog star”, is this character’s first name.
This character’s first name is from the Greek for “earthly”. Also a character in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.
This animal’s name comes from the Sanskrit for “snake” or “serpent”.
Last name literally means “to spring up and grow” – very appropriate for this character.
First name is from the Old English for “power of God” (hint: character died pre-series)
This character’s first name means “protector of mankind”.
This character’s first name means “garbage” or “rubbish”.
First name is the Roman goddess of wisdom and war. Last name is from a celtic word meaning “the bravest”.
First name is from Greek mythology--the all-seeing man with 100 eyes on his body who is known for being a great watchman.
This name comes from the French for “flight of death”.
Rowling chose this character’s last name because she saw it on a mailbox and liked it.
This name literally means “annoys” or “is annoying”
This character’s first name is a word describing someone who can look into the future.
First name is the Latin word for “strict” or “severe”.
This character’s first name is Latin for “dragon” and last name comes from the French for “bad faith”.
This animal’s name is from the Old English for crooked legs.
The Greek messenger of the gods (hint: this character is an animal).
First name is Latin for “white”. Last name is Old English for “bumblebee”. Suggests honor and a hardworking nature (“busy as a bee”)

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