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Decline in the magnitude of a reflexive response when the stimulus is repeated several times in succession:
Initially neutral stimulus becomes associated with the unconditioned stimulus through conditioning:
Learned response:
Linking a number of interrelated behaviors to form a longer series:
Receive something good to increase the probability of response:
Sudden reemergence of an extinguished conditioned response after a delay:
Decreasing the probability of a response:
Reinforcing behaviors that aren’t quite the target behavior but that are progressively closer versions of it:
Any process through which experience at one time can alter an individual’s behavior at a future time:
Founding Father of classical conditioning:
Founding Father of classical conditioning studied:
Gradual decrease and elimination of the conditioned response when the conditioned stimulus is presented repeatedly without the unconditioned response:
A less frequently performed behavior can be increased by reinforcing it with a more frequent behavior:
Behaviors that we reinforce only occasionally are slower to extinguish than those we reinforce continuously:
Increasing the probability of a response:
Pleasant stimulus taken away to decrease probability of a response:
Automatic response to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without learning:
Biologically significant stimulus that produces an automatic response:
Take away something bad to increase the probability of a response:
Unpleasant stimulus is given to decrease the probability of a response:
Tendency of an extinguished conditioned response to return when revisiting the original conditioning environment:
Acquiring behaviors as a result of the outcome or consequence of those behaviors:
Learning that isn’t directly observable:
Pattern of reinforcing a behavior:

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