WVU Basketball Postseason Opponents Since 2005

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Can you name the WVU Basketball Postseason Opponents Since 2005?

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2005BET 1st Round WIN
2005BET Quarters WIN
2005BET Semis WIN
2005BET Championship LOSS
2005NCAA 1st WIN
2005 NCAA 2nd WIN
2005Sweet 16 WIN
2005Elite Eight LOSS
2006BET Quarters LOSS
2006NCAA 1st WIN
2006NCAA 2nd WIN
2006Sweet 16 LOSS
2007BET 1st Round WIN
2007BET Quarters LOSS
2007NIT 1st Round WIN
2007NIT 2nd Round WIN
2007NIT Quarters WIN
2007NIT Semis WIN
2007NIT Championship WIN
2008BET 1st Round WIN
2008BET Quarters WIN
2008BET Semis LOSS
2008NCAA 1st Round WIN
2008NCAA 2nd Round WIN
2008Sweet 16 LOSS
2009BET 1st Round WIN
2009BET Quarters WIN
2009BET Semis LOSS
2009NCAA 1st Round LOSS
2010BET Quarters WIN
2010BET Semis WIN
2010BET Championship WIN
2010NCAA 1st Round WIN
2010NCAA 2nd Round WIN
2010Sweet 16 WIN
2010Elite Eight WIN
2010Final Four LOSS
2011BET 1st Round LOSS
2011NCAA 1st Round WIN
2011NCAA 2nd Round LOSS
2012BET 1st Round LOSS
2012NCAA 1st Round LOSS

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