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What does Han Lee change his name to?Pilot - Series 1
What flavour are Max's 'Poor People Chips'?And the Break-up Scene - Series 1
How much are Caroline's shorts?And the strokes of Goodwill - Series 1
What is the name of the underground dental office?And the Rich People Problems - Series 1
What does Han's t-shirt say?And the 90's Horse Party - Series 1
What accent can't Caroline understand on the help video?And the Disappearing Bed - Series 1
Why won't the fancy coffee shop sell Max's cupcakes?And the Pretty Problem - Series 1
What does the hoarder insist the girls don't throw away?And the Hoarder Culture - Series 1
What is Trayvor installing that means he can't personally speak to the girls?And the Really Petty Cash - Series 1
What does Mary call Caroline?And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving - Series 1
What show is Peach auditioning for?And the Reality Check - Series 1
What colour is Max's dream oven?And the Pop-Up Sale - Series 1
Who does Max blame for stabbing the candy?And the Secret Ingredient - Series 1
What do they think Sophie is?And the Upstairs Neighbour - Series 1
Who do the girls argue over waking up?And the Blind Spot - Series 1
What causes Earl's Heartattack?And the Broken Hearts - Series 1
What is the name of the boy who is having his bar mitzvah?And the Kosher Cupcakes - Series 1
Who catches Caroline coming home after a one night stand?And the One-Night Stands - Series 1
What is the code for the Gay Couples alarm system?And the Spring Break - Series 1
Which TV Show does Max keep drawing comparisons to?And the Drug Money - Series 1
Who's tax form does Max accidentally throw out?And the Messy Purse Smackdown - Series 1
What does Max describe Buttercream as?And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough - Series 1
Which trend is shown in the opening scene?And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 1) - Series 1
Who rides Chestnut to the Diner to pick up the girls?And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 2) - Series 1
Who goes to the auction as a first date?And the Hidden Stash - Series 2
What is the cupcake total at the end of the episode?And the Pearl Necklace - Series 2
Who do the girls spy on in the cinema?And the Hold-Up - Series 2
Where are the rival team from?And the Cupcake War - Series 2
What is Earl's sons stage name?And the Pre-Approved Credit Card - Series 2
Where does Max take Caroline for lunch?And the Candy Manwich - Series 2

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