Eight Years With One Franchise

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Can you name the players that played at least 8 years with one NBA team?

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Phoenix Suns76-88
Phoenix Suns88-00
Phoenix Suns78-88
Phoenix Suns97-12
Phoenix Suns00-08
Phoenix Suns69-77
Phoenix Suns89-02
Phoenix Suns78-85
Phoenix Suns03-10
Phoenix Suns88-00
Phoenix Suns04-14
Los Angeles Clippers95-03
Los Angeles Clippers72-83
Los Angeles Clippers04-11
Los Angeles Clippers01-08
Los Angeles Clippers91-98
Los Angeles Lakers97-14
Los Angeles Lakers76-89
Los Angeles Lakers59-72
Los Angeles Lakers61-74
Los Angeles Lakers97-12
Los Angeles Lakers80-96
Los Angeles Lakers79-90
Los Angeles Lakers83-94
Los Angeles Lakers84-97
Los Angeles Lakers50-59
Los Angeles Lakers91-99
Los Angeles Lakers66-76
Los Angeles Lakers86-00
Los Angeles Lakers82-95
Los Angeles Lakers04-12
Los Angeles Lakers90-05
Los Angeles Lakers60-67
Los Angeles Lakers97-04
Los Angeles Lakers78-85
Golden State Warriors86-01
Golden State Warriors61-71
Golden State Warriors64-74
Golden State Warriors51-62
Golden State Warriors98-07
Golden State Warriors67-76
Golden State Warriors79-87
Golden State Warriors81-89
Golden State Warriors66-78
Golden State Warriors05-13
Golden State Warriors67-74
Golden State Warriors47-54
Golden State Warriors54-61
Golden State Warriors52-59
Golden State Warriors67-74
Golden State Warriors59-66
Golden State Warriors47-54
Sacramento Kings71-82
Sacramento Kings56-66
Sacramento Kings61-70
Sacramento Kings62-70
Sacramento Kings49-57
Sacramento Kings59-66
Sacramento Kings99-06
Sacramento Kings96-07
Sacramento Kings06-13
Denver Nuggets80-90
Denver Nuggets68-77
Denver Nuggets81-91
Denver Nuggets03-12
Denver Nuggets76-85
Denver Nuggets04-11
Denver Nuggets83-90
Denver Nuggets72-84
Denver Nuggets83-90
Denver Nuggets93-00
Toronto Raptors98-06
Toronto Raptors06-13
Miami Heat96-08
Miami Heat91-99
Miami Heat04-14
Miami Heat04-14
Orlando Magic90-99
Orlando Magic95-03
Orlando Magic00-08
Orlando Magic05-12
Orlando Magic05-14
Orlando Magic98-08
Orlando Magic05-13
Atlanta Hawks83-94
Atlanta Hawks67-77
Atlanta Hawks55-65
Atlanta Hawks78-88
Atlanta Hawks85-05
Atlanta Hawks63-72
Atlanta Hawks57-66
Atlanta Hawks86-95
Atlanta Hawks96-04
Atlanta Hawks78-86
Atlanta Hawks75-82
Atlanta Hawks84-91
Atlanta Hawks05-13
Atlanta Hawks61-68
Atlanta Hawks06-13
Chicago Bulls85-98
Chicago Bulls88-04
Chicago Bulls69-78
Chicago Bulls67-76
Chicago Bulls67-77
Chicago Bulls86-94
Chicago Bulls05-14
Chicago Bulls89-00
Chicago Bulls04-14
Indiana Pacers88-05
Indiana Pacers00-12
Indiana Pacers89-00
Indiana Pacers85-95
Indiana Pacers92-05
Indiana Pacers98-06
Indiana Pacers68-75
Indiana Pacers75-83
Indiana Pacers68-77
Indiana Pacers94-01
Indiana Pacers98-76
Indiana Pacers01-08
Indiana Pacers89-97
Indiana Pacers82-89
Indiana Pacers06-14
Boston Celtics63-78
Boston Celtics81-94
Boston Celtics99-13
Boston Celtics80-92
Boston Celtics51-63
Boston Celtics81-93
Boston Celtics57-69
Boston Celtics61-73
Boston Celtics58-69
Boston Celtics66-76
Boston Celtics69-80
Boston Celtics71-80
Boston Celtics52-61
Boston Celtics70-79
Boston Celtics57-65
Boston Celtics59-67
Boston Celtics56-64
Boston Celtics55-64
Boston Celtics82-89
Boston Celtics91-98
Boston Celtics70-78
Boston Celtics78-85
Boston Celtics98-05
Boston Celtics04-11
Boston Celtics97-05
Boston Celtics07-14
Detroit Pistons86-99
Detroit Pistons82-94
Detroit Pistons82-94
Detroit Pistons94-08
Detroit Pistons82-91
Detroit Pistons71-80
Detroit Pistons79-91
Detroit Pistons03-13
Detroit Pistons67-75
Detroit Pistons03-11
Detroit Pistons01-12
Detroit Pistons03-14
Detroit Pistons06-13
Minnesota Timberwolves96-07
Minnesota Timberwolves90-02
Minnesota Timberwolves90-98
Brooklyn Nets81-88
Brooklyn Nets82-89
Brooklyn Nets02-14
New York Knicks86-00
New York Knicks48-61
New York Knicks68-77
New York Knicks68-77
New York Knicks68-78
New York Knicks89-98
New York Knicks65-74
New York Knicks95-04
New York Knicks66-74
New York Knicks49-57
New York Knicks97-05
New York Knicks72-80
New York Knicks83-91
New York Knicks80-88
New York Knicks57-64
New York Knicks50-57
New York Knicks91-98
New York Knicks99-13
Charlotte Hornets89-98
Charlotte Hornets89-98
Charlotte Hornets05-13
New Orleans Pelicans04-11
Cleveland Cavaliers98-10
Cleveland Cavaliers71-80
Cleveland Cavaliers91-00
Cleveland Cavaliers72-80
Cleveland Cavaliers87-95
Cleveland Cavaliers87-95
Cleveland Cavaliers82-89
Cleveland Cavaliers87-94
Cleveland Cavaliers05-14
Portland Trailblazers84-95
Portland Trailblazers85-95
Portland Trailblazers86-95
Portland Trailblazers80-88
Portland Trailblazers72-80
Portland Trailblazers05-12
Portland Trailblazers90-97
Portland Trailblazers98-05
Portland Trailblazers97-04
Portland Trailblazers07-14
Philadelphia 76ers59-73
Philadelphia 76ers50-64
Philadelphia 76ers97-10
Philadelphia 76ers79-89
Philadelphia 76ers77-87
Philadelphia 76ers55-65
Philadelphia 76ers50-60
Philadelphia 76ers57-66
Philadelphia 76ers58-68
Philadelphia 76ers66-76
Philadelphia 76ers74-82
Philadelphia 76ers85-92
Philadelphia 76ers74-81
Philadelphia 76ers02-10
Philadelphia 76ers05-12
Philadelphia 76ers65-72
Philadelphia 76ers79-86
Philadelphia 76ers98-05
Philadelphia 76ers81-88
Dallas Mavericks99-14
Dallas Mavericks81-92
Dallas Mavericks84-97
Dallas Mavericks82-92
Dallas Mavericks97-05
Dallas Mavericks97-05
Dallas Mavericks82-89
Dallas Mavericks95-12
Dallas Mavericks05-12
Houston Rockets85-01
Houston Rockets71-83
Houston Rockets71-81
Houston Rockets80-89
Houston Rockets78-88
Houston Rockets91-01
Houston Rockets03-11
Houston Rockets72-79
San Antonio Spurs98-14
San Antonio Spurs90-03
San Antonio Spurs74-85
San Antonio Spurs90-01
San Antonio Spurs02-14
San Antonio Spurs03-14
San Antonio Spurs91-01
San Antonio Spurs81-90
San Antonio Spurs73-81
San Antonio Spurs02-09
San Antonio Spurs73-83
San Antonio Spurs98-05
San Antonio Spurs07-14
Utah Jazz85-03
Utah Jazz86-03
Utah Jazz83-93
Utah Jazz84-99
Utah Jazz81-91
Utah Jazz02-11
Utah Jazz96-06
Utah Jazz94-02
Utah Jazz02-09
Utah Jazz81-88
Oklahoma City Thunder72-84
Oklahoma City Thunder91-03
Oklahoma City Thunder87-98
Oklahoma City Thunder99-07
Oklahoma City Thunder78-86
Oklahoma City Thunder05-14
Oklahoma City Thunder90-97
Washington Wizards69-81
Washington Wizards72-80
Washington Wizards73-81
Washington Wizards02-10
Washington Wizards64-72
Washington Wizards85-93
Washington Wizards64-72
Washington Wizards04-11
Washington Wizards78-85
Washington Wizards76-83
Washington Wizards96-04
Milwaukee Bucks01-11
Milwaukee Bucks76-87
Milwaukee Bucks80-89
Milwaukee Bucks70-82
Milwaukee Bucks03-10
Milwaukee Bucks69-76
Milwaukee Bucks85-98
Milwaukee Bucks83-90
Milwaukee Bucks95-02
Milwaukee Bucks76-83

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