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Prefs where the dividends are paid in a foreign currency
___ in which you may deposit $5000 per year and no interest inside the account is taxable
A Pref with dividends which change based on something specific, usually Prime Rate
An expense that a taxpayer is allowed to deduct from total income
The difference between the disposition proceeds of an asset and its adjusted cost base
A company that rates the quality (and likelihood of failure) of Bonds and Preferred Shares (PS) or (Prefs)
The value listed on the PS when issued. Is used to calculate the dividend. Does not change, even as market value does
Privileges usually not allow to pref owners. Pref owners may get to vote if dividends are not paid for a number of payments in a row (2+years)
A form from the employer displaying other forms of income received such as pensions, retirement payments or annuities
Part of T1 General process used to calculate federal tax payable
Any income earned is not taxable but contributions do not provide tax deductions
You receive a tax deduction for the amount of your contribution and any future income is tax free as the investment grows within the Plan.
The tax rate paid on your last (highest) dollar of income
A sum of money demanded by a government for its facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales or other
The key form in the process of filing Canadian taxes
Income from all sources world wide
Income used to calculate tax payable (line 260)
A Pref that is convertible to common shares at a specified rate. This is to make the Pref more attractive to investors and make it easier for the issuer to sell it in the primary m
Completed by all employees so the employer deducts taxes correctly based on the employees personal situation
Prefs which cannot be redeemed (bought back) at the issuer's desire
A Preferred Share with the company owning the right to call it or buy it back at a certain time for a certain price. Also called redeemable
Multiplying dividends received by a factor to calculate taxable dividends. Currently 145% in Canada
An amount to directly offset tax payable
The firm which creates and sells the security on the Primary Market
Also called 'straight preferred'. PS which pay a fixed dollar dividend based on a % of the par value or a specified dollar amount per payment
Total income less deductions such as RSP contributions, union dues etc.
Shareholder has the right to force the issuer to buy back the pref at a specific price and a specific time
Prefs where all unpaid dividends accumulate as arrears and must be paid up-to-date before any common share dividends are paid.
Used to keep track of individuals
The tax form to calculate Ontario tax credits and Ontario tax payable
The key form from the employer displaying income and deductions during the year
A statement of investment income such as interest received, dividends or other forms of income

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