Word Ladder: He Could Go All The Way!

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this NFL sports-cast themed word ladder?

Updated Apr 15, 2014

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Clue4-Letter Word
'They start at the ____ of scrimmage at their own 20.'
Bugs found on children's heads
Eat an ice cream cone
'1st down, and the defense gets a ____ on the QB!'
Break into a computer program
Baseball player Greenberg or Aaron
Slab of bread
Track prey
'That had to ____, John, he's getting up slowly.'
'And an idiotic personal foul adds on a 15-____ penalty!'
Material for knitters
Show boredom
First light
'2nd ____, now backed up deep in their own territory.'
What a tugboat does
Throw a ball softly
Win-____ record
Young woman
'QB throws down the field, but the ____ is incomplete.'
Not the present or future
Formal agreement
Clue4-Letter Word
Fill a suitcase
'3rd down, and it's a hand-off to the running ____.'
Sings 'Loser' and 'Where It's At'
Mouth for a raven or eagle
'They barely ____ the time clock on that one, Al.'
Place to stop standing
Part of a Venetian blind
A tire with a nail in it
'That looked like holding to me, but no ____ is thrown.'
Shoot a fellow soldier
College Greek brotherhood
Purposely irritating child
Used for rowing or sailing
Jamaican track star Usain
NFL player Torry or Pierce
'The RB forces through a ____ in the defensive line.'
Actor's part to play
Make someone angry
Piece used in Mahjong or Scrabble
Alabama nickname: 'Crimson ____'
'He breaks another tackle; the field looks ____ open!'
Red or white drink
Number of innings in a normal MLB game
Love, in tennis
'At the 30! The 20! Into the end ____: TOUCHDOWN!!'

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