Word Ladder: Two-Faced

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Updated Dec 12, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word
'Sittin' on the ____ of the bay'
Ridicule, taunt
Early Robin Williams TV role, with Mindy
Thomas, author of 'Utopia'
Ripped, shredded
Weight of a container when empty
Opposite of give
Actor Gyllenhaal of 'Donnie Darko'
One-liner or pun, e.g.
Pester someone with your finger
Propeller of a gondola
A rough vote or tally
Opposite of push
Remove rejected members of a group
'____ me Ishmael' - Moby-Dick
Orb needed for many sports
Hesitate, flinch back
Polio vaccine developer Jonas
Took on too much water, like a boat
What trickles through an hourglass
Area between seas
Animal fat
A bird or a source of amusement
Twain or Wahlberg, e.g.
It's worn by Zorro or the Lone Ranger
Clue4-Letter Word
Sail supporter
Soft spray
Fail to hit
A rolling stone gathers none of this
Homer Simpson's hang-out
Enemies or opponents
Money paid for services
How you find a light switch in the dark
Stagger around drunkenly
500 sheets of paper
Line where clothing is sewn together
Forcibly close a door quickly
Byproduct of smelting metal
Male deer or going to prom without a date
Polaris or Rigel, e.g.
Char, burn
Paddington or Fozzie, e.g.
Outscore the other team
Prize for a boxer
Mark left by a bee sting
What unwatered flowers do
Frustrated coyote's first name
World ____ Web
Dive behind a bush

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