Final Fantasy Characters by Weapons

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Can you name the Final Fantasy characters by their equippable weapons?

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Multina Racket, Priest's Racket, Hamelin
Heavenly Axis, El Dorado, Impasse
Diamond Pin, Behemoth Horn, Limited Moon
The Ogre, Sargatanas, The Tower
Maverick, Gauntlet, Ehrgeiz
Chariot, Prospector, Rock Buster
Partisan, Obelisk, Dragon's Hair
Boomerang, Superball, Oritsuru
Morning Star, Crescent Wish, Strange Vision
Painkiller, Corruptor, Peaceful Slumber
Cypress Pile, Octagon Rod, Mace of Zeus
Motor Drive, Work Glove, Powersoul
Infinity, Survivor, Sonar
Lariat, Peacemaker, Outsider
Magic Racket, Tiger Racket, Whale Whisker
Pinwheel, Valkyrie, Cardinal
Hrunting, Vendetta, Danse Macabre
Valiant, Ulysses, Bismarck
Chainsaw, Microlaser, Pile Banger
Revolver, Shear Trigger, Punishment

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