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This act designated Henry VIII as the official head of the Church of England.
The name of the burial ground believed to contain graves of England's first kings.
Man who was murdered in Canterbury cathedral in 1170.
The Nazi bombings of England became known as this battle.
Conservative, 'free-enterprise' Prime Minister during the Cold War.
Established order after English Civil War (first and last name).
England invaded by William the Conqueror in this year.
Richard III was murdered at this battle.
The War of the Roses consisted of these two rival houses.
(cont. from previous) Thus England's next monarch was...
This scientist discovered that blood circulates.
The longest reigning monarch (as of 2013).
The current royal house.
The Glorious Revolution (1688) established William of Orange as King, originally from this country.
The last of Henry VIII's wives.
Britain's first Prime Minister.
A modern country that was the British Empire's first colony.
After the American colonies, the jewel colony of British imperialism.
The Prime Minister heading into World War II.
Leader of the Liberal Party of the late 19th-century.

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