Live Action Disney Movies

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Can you name the Live Action Disney Movie That The Popular Actor Or Actress Listed Appeared In?

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Tommy Steele
Angela Lansbury
Eddie Murphy
John Cusack
Sean Connery
Robert Newton
Jason Biggs
Mary Steenburgen
Adam Sandler
Ray Bolger
Margot Kidder
Eli Wallach
Denzel Washington
Anthony Perkins
Bette Midler
Ron Howard
Michele Lee
Mickey Rooney
Michael J. Fox
Jeff Bridges
Penelope Cruz
Harland Williams
Fairuza Balk
Keith Coogan
Ethan Hawke
Jason Segel
Bill Campbell
Reese Witherspoon
Christian Bale
Maureen O'Hara
John Candy
Kevin Spacey
Chevy Chase
Helena Bonham Carter
Brendan Fraser
James Baskett
Alexis Bledel
Vin Diesel
Kirk Douglas
Martin Lawrence
Diane Lane
Guy Williams
Ben Stiller

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