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Tax exemption for churches -- “Excessive government entanglement” test begun
Began Strict Scrutiny test for statutes -- milk regulations
Taxpayer/hospital: 'A law respecting a religious establishment' is not necessarily a 'law establishing religion.'
The Espionage Act doesn't unduly restrict speech
VSP for Sunday as day of rest
Purpose/primary effect test -- school prayer
Combined Schemp and Walz prongs for its famous 'test'
Amish people don't have to go to school after 8th grade
Ten Commandments is OK as monument
Belief-Action test begun
You can spout off racist epithets and be protected by the constitution
Grand Jury NOT fundamental to ordered liberty
You can't burn your draft card
Double Jeopardy protections NOT fundamental to ordered liberty
The state can’t furnish you textbooks that aren’t secular in nature
Conscientious objection on 'sincerely held moral beliefs' OK
The Smith Act violates the First Amendment -- more commies
State governments not bound by eminent domain guarantees in Amdmt 5
Clear and Present Danger test applied -- no government overthrow
Amdmt 1 only protects religious beliefs, not the actions thereto that run afoul of already established laws
Religious Freedom Reformation Act exceeded congress’s power
Strict Scrutiny in unemployment claims -- began a new test
But you can definitely burn a flag
Incorporated Free Exercise Clause
Jehovah's witnesses and their record player -- Valid Secular Policy test
State has compelling interest to take care of kids OVER religious freedom
Free Exercise Clause does not permit wearing of religious apparel in military
Can use public funds to transport kids to private (religious) schools -- nothing ideological about a bus
Clear and Present Danger test begun
Incorporated Free Speech Clause
Free Exercise Clause permits outlawing peyote and denying unemployment to people fired for its use as the Oregon law was a “neutral law of general applicability”
State must provide unemployment compensation to a person objecting to work at a weapons plant under the Free Exercise Clause
Clergy in public school graduation not OK
Oregon Compulsory School Act unconstitutional

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