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HintCharacter Seasons
Played by Ellen Pompeo 1-7
Proposed to someone in an elevator 1-7
Referred to as satan by derek shepherd1-3 guest starring 4-7
Has a daughter who's first name is his last name3-7
She got left at the alter in the season 3 finalee 1-7
Had an affair with Elis Grey1-7
His mother and brother are schizophrenia 1-7
Died in season 51-5
Got stage 4 majestic melenomia and survived1-6
Her parents and her are very rich 2-7
Married to the chief 2-7
She was named after a boat5-7
He got shot in season 3, which caused him to get tremors1-3
Left the hospital because she broke up with Callie Torres2-4
She suffers for asperger's is also a Cardio Surgeon5
Meredith's father 2-5
HintCharacter Seasons
Meredith's mother1-3
Referred to as 'The Natzi'1-7
Meredeth's Step-Sister 4-7
Cristina's 'Cardio God'6-7
Was fierd by Richard, but Derek hired her once he became chief6-7
His grandfather has an award named after him6-7
Had a crush on Reed, but was shot by Gary Clark6
Referred the Charles as Charlie, but was shot by Gary Clark6
Took Alex's job in Africa 7
Owns Emereld City Bar1-7
Almost died when the interens tried to take out her appendix in 'in the midnight hour'5
She died of the hiccups 2-3
Meredith's Step-Sister 2
Died of a stroke after a heart transplant2
Alex found her under a pylon in the fairy boat accident 3

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