Nationalism and Economic Power

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What was the track that Native Americans took to Indian Territory called?
What was the area in the Pacific Northwest called?
What was a protective tariff to encourage manufacturing?
What was the creation of national markets called?
What was it called when President Jackson gave his supporters government jobs?
What were the state banks that President Jackson started putting federal money into referred to as?
What was the chain reaction of bank failures and foreclosures called?
What was the agreement that Missouri would be a slave state called?
What gave the states the right to nullify any act of Congress they considered unconstitutional?
What is national pride and loyalty?
What did Congress pass in 1830 that forced Indians to be moved?
What war was caused by the Indians refusing to leave Florida?
What declared that any European attempt to revive old colonies would be dangerous?
What was the shift from hand to machine production called?

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