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Stafford's attack on Scarborough
Anjou matrimonial negotiations (Elizabeth) begin
Battle of Pavia
Treaty of London
Pilgrimage of Grace
Treaty of Joinville
Philip gains control of Portugal
War with Spain (start and end)
Accession of Henry VII
Magnus Intercursus
Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Warbeck lands at Deal
Accession of Edward VI
Alva arrives in the Netherlands with an army
Expeditions sent to aid Henry of Navarre
Treaty of Cambrai
Treaty of Noyon
Edict of Nantes
Malus Intercursus
Break with Rome
League of Cognac
San Juan de Ulloa
Holy League vs France
Henry VIII's 3rd French War
St Bart's Day Massacre
Renewal of Treaty of Blois
Treaty of Greenwich
Marriage to Anne Boleyn
Accession of Elizabeth
Treaty of Redon
Peace of Ardres
Henry IV crowned
Isabella of Castile dies
Cornish Rebellion
Pact of Toledo
Fall of Ghent
League of Cambrai formed
Meeting at Gravelines
Field of the Cloth of Gold
New Book of Rates
Loss of Calais
Henry VII Trade Embargo with Neths 2
Accession of Mary I
Drake raids Cadiz
Treaty of Etaples
First Treaty of Berwick
Battle of Solway Moss
2nd Treaty of Ayton
Surrender of Spanish in Ireland
Treaty of Blois
Commercial treaty with Brittany
Leicester sent to the Netherlands
Iconoclastic Fury
Trade treaty with Florence
Arthur marries Catherine of Aragon
Marriage to Philip of Spain
East India Co. founded
Marriage to Anne of Cleves
Amicable Grant Revolt
Troops sent to France (Henry VII)
Mary, Queen of Scots, returns to Scotland
The Spanish Fury (sack of Antwerp)
Ridolfi Plot
1st Spanish trade embargo on England
Death of Elizabeth
Henry VII Trade Embargo with Neths 1
Spanish troops land at Kinsale
Treaty of Nonsuch
Treaty of Hampton Court
Treaty of the More
End of Elizabeth's Habsburg marriage negotiations
Arthur dies
English Troops in Brittany
Execution of Warbeck and Warwick
Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis
10,000 French in Scotland
Battle of Stoke
Treaty of Angers
Tournai, Therouanne, B. of Spurs
Henry VIII suspends trade with Netherlands
Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
Treaty of Edinburgh
Muscovy Co. founded
Elizabeth sends troops to Le Havre and Dieppe
Seizure of Genoese bullion
Mary, Queen of Scots, arrives in England
Medina del Campo
Raids into Scotland following Moray's death
Failure of the '3-pronged' attack
1st Treaty of Ayton
Henry VIII's 1st French War
Elizabeth first sends troops to Scotland
Capture of Boulogne
Rebellion of the Northern Earls
Henry VIII 'Defender of the Faith'
Treaty of Windsor
Battle of Flodden Field
Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
Philip II becomes King of Spain
Somerset's first raids in Scotland
Expulsion of the sea-beggars
Wyatt's rebellion
Start of French Wars of Religion
Accession of Henry VIII
Tyrone's Rebellion
French land on Isle of Wight
Convention of Nymegen
Fall of Edinburgh to Anglo-Scottish forces
Drake's circumnavigation begins
Excommunication of Henry VIII
2nd Treaty of Berwick
Elizabeth rejects sovereignty of the Netherlands
Battle of Pinkie
Planned meeting with James V in the North
Treaty of Westminster
Dauphin marries Mary, Queen of Scots
Levant Co. founded
Alva's troops increase to 50,000
Divorse case in London
Treaty of Boulogne
Collapse of Antwerp Cloth Market
Mary's French War
Spanish land in Brittany
Battle of Landriano
Truce of Nice
2nd Spanish trade embargo on England
Kett's Rebellion and the Western Rising
Treaty of Troyes
Elizabeth of York dies
Henry VII treaties with Denmark and Portugal
Elizabeth excommunicated by Pius V
Treaty of Bruges
Sponsoring of the NE Passage
Henry VIII's 2nd French War
Dutch Revolt proper

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