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Phrase..Who said it..Where it's from..
'we're hoping to have a few parties'One Direction Annual 2012
'susan boyle and harry have exactly the same hair!'One Direction Annual 2012
'here's a coin.. keep the change'Youtube
'not beak but peak'Youtube
'we're the 4 bestfriends'Youtube
'family guy'One Direction Annual 2012
'the song this week that we can't reveal is under this hat'Youtube
'probually icing sugar'Youtube
'peter pan'Youtube
'emma watson was my first ever crush'One Direction Annual 2012
'head and shoulders, please'Youtube
'i've been compared to justin bieber a few times and it's a comparison i like!'One Direction Annual 2012
'i can play the triangle'Youtube
'i can't dance to save my life'One Direction Annual 2012
'simple but effective'Youtube
'vas happenin'Youtube
'NOOO, jimmy protested!'Youtube
Phrase..Who said it..Where it's from..
'justin beiber stole my hairstyle'One Direction Annual 2012
'nando's'One Direction Annual 2012
'i'm a song'Youtube
'i drank to much enery juice'Youtube
'i've played the guitar since i was about 12'One Direction Annual 2012
'you can't turn up on stage covered in bruises'One Direction Annual 2012
'i thought we should all look like louis because at the time i thought he look really cool! how wrong was i!'One Direction Annual 2012
'two and a half men'One Direction Annual 2012
'i wasn't going to turn up for the x factor audition but my mum basically grabbed me by the ear and told me i was doing it!'One Direction Annual 2012
'aah it's harry styles..WOO WOO'Youtube
'that's what she said'Youtube
'stop having curly hair!'Youtube
'SHE'S MINE'Youtube
'i like girls who eat carrots'Youtube
'it would to be to stay young forever'Youtube
'kiss me you fool'Youtube
'screw the lightbulb and then you just go crazy'Youtube
'i'm the one who is 24/7 serious. well 23.5/7.'One Direction Annual 2012
'it would probually be mary'Youtube

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