Do You Know 90210 Character's by Surname? :)

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Can you name the 90210 characters (seasons 1,2+3)?

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SurnameFirst NameClue
MatthewsTeacher. (Mr)
ClarkBlonde, pretty+rich.
SilverClose bond to both of the Wilson kids.
SullivanTom boy, loves surfing.
ClarkOlder Sister.
SelbyLiam's Step-Brother.
SurnameFirst NameClue
WilsonTeen boy, adopted.
WardFit.. +been out with Annie+Naomi,
MontgomeryGay hottie.
TaylorTeacher. (Mrs)
ShiraziBeen out with Silver+Adrianna.
WilsonTeen girl.
CourtHOT! +been out with Annie+Naomi.

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