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How to Play Forced Order
Just let your evil stepsisters and stepmother order you around. You'll end up happy.
Always fall in love with the enemy against your entire tribe's wishes. And if they oppose, go talk to a tree.
It's prefectly safe to fly over your city on a carpet with a complete stranger.
Modifying your body and moving away from your family to marry a sailor at age 16 is completely acceptable.
Leaving your dying father to cross dress and join the army is the best way to find true love.
When in doubt, lay a big wet one on a frog.
Working for Hades is a good way to get ahead in life.
Don't just use your household appliances, talk to them!
Always fall in love with someone less attractive than you.
Find your true love by falling asleep and waiting for him to find and kiss you.
Taking 'pixie dust' from a boy in green tights in order to fly is always a good idea.
It's okay to shack up with 7 men in a secluded forrest while your boyfriend is out trying to find you

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