To Kill A Mockingbird Character Tweets

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Went to church with Calpurnia and was the only white boy there. Feeling like these are #whiteboyproblems
Lost my pants again...found them folded on a fencepost. #whyme
Killed the bad guy, saved the kids and got off without jail-time. Nice. #thankssheriff
Just made the courtroom silent by saying I felt sorry for Mayella. I'm just telling the truth and the whole #truth.
Found arrow-head pennies in a tree.. think they're Boo Radley's. #sketchy
This is gonna be a tough case to win but I won't give up. #determined
Trial for Tom starts today... the whole town is here it seems. #pressureson
These darned kids just won't leave my house alone. I'm not actually all that mysterious. #annoyed
The ol' house burnt down; looks like its time to rebuild. #finally
Tried to help the Cunningham boy at lunch & got slapped by the teacher. #rude #neveragain
The darn kids ruined the Camelia bushes again. This is why #ihatekids
Saw Mr. Cunningham and some other men threaten dad; told Mr. C to tell Walker 'hey' for me. #smoothmove
Atticus is trying his best to defend me. I hope his arguement about my left hand is enough. #hopeful
Fell asleep and ruined the pageant. #itwasdumbanyway #hamcostume
These children have no idea what the Finch name represents. Time to teach them some ancestry.
Drank from a brown bottle thinking it was alcohol... Turns out it was just coke. #disappointed

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