The Legend of Korra A-Z

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BMako's brother
CBeifong's title
DNaga is a polar bear-_____
EAnti-bending group
FKorra's probending team
GZuko's grandson
HAsami's father
ITenzin's younger daughter
JTenzin's oldest daughter
KKorra's waterbending teacher
LToph's Daughter
MTenzin's son
NKorra's Spirit Animal
OTenzin's sky bison
PBolin's pet
Q'Be the leaf' is a _____
RTenzin's new baby
SMetalbender that replaces Lin as Chief
TBloodbending council man
UIroh is the head of this;avatar's version of the military
V4th episode title
WTahno's probending team
XGaming system on which you can watch the show
YTarrlok's father
ZKatara and Aang's old friend

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